A Boy Saved by the Price of a Chicken


This boy’s name is John Nangiro.120121 (18).jpg


He is 17 years old. His dad passed away and his mom is crippled. His family is very poor.

A few years ago, his older brother was killed because he was caught stealing a chicken.

John went to school until the 4th grade, but he still can’t read or write.

One day in January, he went to Nakayot with a friend to look for white sand that people use as medicine.

They arrived at Nakayot late and spent the night at someone’s house.

The next morning, instead of looking for white sand, they stole chickens from the house.

John’s friend first took a chicken out of the coop and gave it to John, and John stole another one.

Just as they were about to run away, the owner came out of his house because he heard chicken's crying.

That’s how the chase started.

John’s friend, who knows the Nakayot area well, ran off, but John, who came to Nakayot for the first time, was caught at about five in the morning.

There was no reason for the owner to just let him go.

He was just a stranger and wasn’t even with his parents.

The villagers got together to discuss about what to do with John.

The owner of the chicken was so angry that he wanted to kill him right away. However, to follow custom, they went to the chief.

It is very common for the chief to allow the owner to do however he wants to handle this kind of situation.

The owner of the chicken was getting ready to kill John.

The chaos from early morning got a missionary, William, interested in this incident.

He found out something terrible was about to happen.

He and his fellow missionary went to the chief.

They didn’t have money in hand, but they knew there was nothing more precious than a person’s life.

They told the chief, “We’ll pay for the chickens but please let the boy free.”

The chief thought it was a good idea and agreed with them.

Nobody likes taking someone’s life.

As they were walking together with the chief to meet the owner of the chicken, they silently prayed for God’s help.

Fortunately, the owner agreed to let the boy go with 15,000 shillings (about 14 US Dollar) per chicken. God surely softened the owner’s heart.

John escaped death by the skin of his teeth.

And later, he stayed with the missionaries.

He knew he was going to be tempted to steal again if he returned to his home, so he asked the missionaries if he could stay with them, and they willingly took his request.

While they were staying together, John learned about God’s love, and he started to accept Jesus in his heart.

He had become a different person by the time I visited for a baptismal ceremony.

Till then, the missionaries were still trying to get 30,000 shillings(about 28 US Dollar) for the two chickens, and we paid for them with the donations from Korea.

Now John is truly free.

He might have had to die but his life was saved through God’s intervention.

He was reborn spiritually and physically on the day he got baptized.

120121 (79).jpg


He is learning how to read and write from missionaries and is also learning more about God.

In addition, he is a helping hand to the missionary work.

In the village, some people still ask the missionaries why they saved his life.

Then they answer, “This is what God does for people.”